Jeongwoon Eun

Jeongwoon Eun (also known as TigerwonTM) is a passionately creative Interviewer and Vlogger who currently resides in New York City. She is the founder of “TigerwonTM Inc.,” which utilizes various live streams to share exclusive content. Additionally, TigerwonTM Inc. is a promotion and marketing service revolving around branding services, consulting, development, management, and marketing of brands for businesses and individuals. It’s also an entertainment service that features photographic, audio, video, and prose presentations on various topics such as food, fashion, travel, technology, and writing. Furthermore, TigerwonTM is the Creator of Facebook group “IrEnVivoTM,” a learning and networking community for fellow live streamers, Youtubers, film maker's, AR/VR enthusiast's.  Ir En Vivo is an annual summit and workshops that began in 2017. This event is for people who wish to learn about blockchain, connect with influencer's, have job event's, learn about Youtube and hear about the latest technology. Every year, Ir En Vivo expands to include more topics and different areas of expertise. 

Prior to Tigerwon’s current positions, she was the Producer and Director for the documentary, "Still Standing" based on Hurricane Katrina Survivors. And in 2007, she won the Jury Award at the “Media That Matters Film Festival.”

Tigerwon’s number one passion is increasing exposure for small businesses alike. Her key areas of expertise include organizing event’s, networking, hiring brand ambassadors/ influencer’s, getting started in social media, creating your video segment’s, getting started in live stream 360 videos, and promoting. Tigerwon Inc. specialties is also consulting in addition to setting event’s for health companies, startup technology , blockchain and food & beverage companies.


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